Advice on IELTS

How to start
Two steps
1- Have an idea about the type of questions in each section of the exam (There are four sections).
2- Do at least 20 mock exams before the real test (with time limit and scoring yourself).

Recommended Books to achieve the above steps

Step 1: "Insight into IELTS" by Cambridge

Step 2:  A) IELTS Offical Paper book
               ( available at the British Council)
               B) IELTS Exam paper by Cambridge
               (series of 6 books)

- Total number of exams in these books is 24.

Extra but important steps

1- Download the available IELTS material and sample answers on this website:

2- Watch the bbc news. Watch topics on science and technology, history, art, music and sport. This will keep you up to date with the current affairs that may help you in the reading and writing sections.

3- Practise using the answer sheet (where to write the aswers and how...etc).

4- Practise writing essays of 250 words in 40 minutes and describing a graph of data in 150 word in 20 minutes.

Time is a major factor in the exam.


1- Listening
Practise using previous Exam paper to become familiar with the type of questions. You'll find exams in the books and the website.

2- Reading
 There are 3 passages. You should spend only 20 minutes in each one. Total is 1 hour.

3- Writing
Write your essays and ask a native speaker to correct them for you. There are common mistakes among students who speak Arabic. You'll be given 2 tasks. Task1 is an argumentative essay (250 words in 40 minutes). Task2 is a graph of data, bar chart or diagram (150 words in 20 minutes).

4- Speaking
There are 3 parts in the speaking section.

Part1 The examiner will ask you about your life, study, work, home, country. So it's a good idea to prepare this part in advance.

Part2 The examiner will give you a piece of paper and a pencil. He/she will give you a topic and ask you think about it form 1 minute, you should write points in that piece of paper. Then, you'll start talking about it for 2 minutes.

Part3 The examiner will ask you a few argumenative questions on the same topic to test your language ability of handling an argument.

The examiner will be testing four criteria while you are speaking:

1- Vocabulary
2- Grammar and accuracy
3- Fluency and conherence
4- Pronunciation

Watch a sample speaking test on You-Tube.